Ecocide – “destruction of the natural environment, especially when willfully done”

Ecocide was created out of my deep concern for our natural world; it is a commentary on unchecked consumerism, corporatism, and monoculture – all of which create our throw-away society, which is causing the destruction of the planet.

A spontaneous interplay between oil painting and collage drives the creation of this work. I depict the man-made waste through collage, and use traditional oil painting techniques for the contrasting natural landscape. My collaged detritus imagery is created from multiple layers of discarded magazines, newspapers, and actual garbage, such as plastic bags.

In many instances, I source recognizable collage imagery from advertisements in Time and Life magazines from the 1950’s and 1960’s, which was a time period when large-scale industrialization and suburban consumer culture were particularly romanticized, and significantly contributed to the major environmental problems that we face today.